Sunday, February 14, 2016


Knowing that you were not that strong enough to face that tough situation in your life. You keep blaming yourself for what had happened. You cried hard for every single day. Feeling that no one could understand what you were dealing with. It seem so hard to put it into words. And the miserable life begins. You try to be someone hypocrite as if you don't want anyone to recognize the sadness and sorrow of your day. But deep inside, you always know that you kill your heart for being fake. You keep running for the light as much as possible, but somehow the light seem so dim and make your way become harder. You intend to be with someone who you feel comfort with but at the end of the day you know that someone will never be there always whenever you need them. You feel alone in this world. Until the day you realized, "for every hardship there comes ease". You just need to believe that promise and keep walking the path. There will always light in every darkness and it is just a matter of time. Make the best of it!

* * *

I miss.
Every single thing that would make me happy.

I just want to be back down the memory lane.
I feel that I am more happier back then.

But, the past is past.
Give me time to truly appreciates everything it takes to be here again.

Sorry for ranting too much. :'(

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