Saturday, April 16, 2016


That 'something'.

It has been so long.
I'm sorry dear blog, I've been busy.

I don't know what had happened to me lately.
Seems like every decision I've made goes wrong.
At one point, I feel so hopeless that I question everything.

Yup, I know it's too silly for me to question all those things.
It was like I'm questioning the qada' and qadar of my life journey.
But somehow as a normal human being, I felt that I couldn't cope with everything.

It is really hard to face the world with too many commitments burdening my shoulder.
Even if I have tried so hard to make sure everything is smooth like the way I want.
Still, there would be 'something' that happened in the middle of journey.

That 'something'.
That feeling.
That miserable thing.
Haunted my head, punched in my heart.

But on the other side.
I love the people that I've met in my new journey here,
We were like siblings sharing the same intention and spirits.
Also, sharing the same depression and miserable life. Haha!

Oh Allah!
I know it was like a pull and push situation for me.
The upside down feeling that You might want me to feel, to learn from.

But Allah..
Please guide me the best way.
Please make me strong to deal with it.
Remind me that your Hope is always bigger than anything else.

Thank you Allah.
For You, I will always stand still..

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